My daily meds

Going from believing I was healthy, not taking any medicine (other than a multivitamin), this is quite a change for me.  Given the fact that Jackson is proven to be positive for Lyme and co infections, I’d say it’s a 99% chance that I have it all also.  The only explanation for the 1% chance that I am not infected would be that Jackson was bitten by a tick and only he is infected.  (But my biofeedback test, that has shown to be completely accurate for Jackson, showed the Lyme, co infections and parasites in my body.  Misha and I meet with the doctor on Monday morning, so we’ll finally have our answers.


Here are my daily meds.  I can’t say I’ve felt any changes yet, but this is for the parasites and to get my body ready for the Lyme treatment soon.  If this is what it takes to get the nasties out of my body, bring it!


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