All is well!

I’m trying for a post every day, but today, I can’t think of anything to post!  We’ve got a good schedule going.  My daily routine is usually pretty much the same: meds, therapy, shuttling around Sophie, more meds, grocery shopping, GFCFSF cooking, entertaining the kids, epsom salt baths and more meds.  My days are pretty monotonous, but every day that passes that we stick to our recovery plan is a day closer to getting Jackson back, so it’s all worth it!

Taking this year off has been amazing, giving me the precious gift of time to allow me to navigate the maze to figure out what was wrong with Jackson.  My parents have been amazingly supportive financially to make this year and Jackson’s treatments possible.  I am baffled at their generosity, and hope to pay it forward some day.

I am going back to teaching next year, though only 50% part time.  I miss teaching so, so much, and couldn’t stand to be away from the classroom another year, but I know Jackson’s recovery will still be  very time consuming, needing a lot of my attention.  I’ll have the best of both worlds next year!

Things couldn’t be better right now!  All is well!


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