BYOSS: Bring Your Own Soy Sauce.  Dang it!  I had sushi about a week ago forgetting that a lot of sauces contain gluten as an ingredient.  We found this soy sauce yesterday at Safeway, and it is Gluten Free.  Looks like when Misha and I go out for sushi, I’ll be bringing the soy sauce along in my purse:)  Sushi seems to be one cuisine that is safe for us to eat, as long as it’s not fried.  The fried sushi is battered in a mixture containing gluten.

Unfortunately, Jackson won’t try sushi.  His go to foods are chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, chicken burrito bowls, chicken/rice soup, salmon, hamburger meat, steak, waffles, pancakes (GFCFSF of course), strawberries and bananas.  He’s the healthiest eating almost 3 year old I know!  If only we could get some more veggies in.


I just added the second picture because Jackson was playing with his tongue a lot today, as if he was discovering it for the first time.


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