Jackson’s Test Results

In the back of my head, going into today’s appointment, I was thinking, “what if Jackson’s test results all come out negative, Jackson doesn’t have Lyme Disease, and this was all just a bad dream?”  Well, The results are in!  The Biofeedback test we did a month ago was seriously amazing, because it confirmed the sophisticated IGenex blood test.  Jackson has Lyme Disease and Co-infections.  However, now I fully understand the trickiness of diagnosing Lyme.  On the Western Blot portion of his IGenex results, only Bands 18 and 41 showed up positive.  I thought many more of the bands would turn out to be positive.  The reason is that the Lyme bugs don’t hang out in the blood…they can go anywhere, tissue, muscle, brain, joints.  Parts of Jackson’s test results did actually turn out negative, but enough came out positive that he indeed does have Lyme and co infections.  I didn’t know it, but the doctor also sent Jackson’s blood sample to Quest Diagnostics, the same lab that I’ve been reporting to often give false negatives.  It turns out even the Quest Diagnostics test reported Jackson positive for Borrelia Hermsii.  The final test results we got today were of Jackson’s Neurotransmitter.  All are elevated: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Glycine, GABA, Glutamate, Histamine and Creatinine.

The plan of attack now is to go after the parasites.  Misha and I have started our anti-parasite treatment, but all we’ve done so far with Jackson is reduce the yeast, fungus and get his methylation cycle going by adding the supplements.  We are continuing with all the herbs/supplements and meds and are now adding two new prescriptions: Albenza and Invermectin…the same two anti-parasitic prescriptions that I’m on.  We are also starting Jackson on a new herb Misha and I already take called A-BAB.  The other new ones are Bab 1, Digest Right and Bentonite.  We’ll do this anti-parasitic treatment for a month, and check back in with the doctor.  We also scheduled another Biofeedback appointment in May to see if we’ll have taken care of the parasite problem.  At our next appointment at the end of April, we will start the Lyme treatment to attack the Borrellia.

So far, we haven’t seen too many changes in Jackson.  I’m not sure if we will this month either with the anti-parasitic protocol, but hopefully sometime after we start treating the Lyme.  These test results confirmed the fact that Jackson has Lyme Disease, we have a lot of work to do in his recovery, but it IS treatable, and very soon, Jackson will be more present, speaking, playing and engaging.

Lyme Induced Autism!  That’s exactly what Jackson has.  How many other kids out there are trapped in the Autism diagnosis, going along with their day to day dead end therapies?  Jackson would have never improved with his therapy alone.  He in fact, would have deteriorated over time.  Had we not stumbled upon this DAN doctor, Jackson would have been trapped in his sick, toxic body, continuing his troubling behaviors, unable to communicate, stuck in his confusing world.  I am so thankful that our journey led us to our LLMD doctor and that we are now onto Jackson’s path to recover.  All of this is still so new to me, and I’m dying to hear Misha’s and my test results this next Monday.  I am baffled at who was bit by a tick and when.  One thing is clear, I passed Lyme, co infections, parasites and other toxins to Jackson gestationally and through breast milk.  Monday, I hope to get even more answers to possibly piece together this crazy, life-changing diagnosis of Lyme Disease.



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