The Greater Good Movie

I recorded the movie, The Greater Good,  As I stated on my earlier post, it was on Saturday on the Current channel.  I tried my best watching it today, though I was distracted by the kids running around, so I didn’t take notes as I promised.  When I get a chance this week, I’ll take a closer look and report back with key points.

It is so scary how much political power these pharmaceutical companies have over our trusted doctors.  Jackson just recently tested out the roof for toxic heavy metals.  Where on earth could he have gotten all of the mercury in his poor little body? (and believe me, I didn’t overload him on tuna fish)  Vaccines.  The vaccines that our pediatrician said would undoubtedly be safe as long as we followed the vaccination schedule.  Sophie obviously handled the same vaccines fine, but Jackson, with his compromised immune system, couldn’t handle the overload.  Each child is not the same, and with a child being diagnosed with Autism every 20 minutes, we can’t afford to wait for change.

I checked, and the movie is not available.  I believe the only way to watch it is to buy it off the website, or possibly Netflix?  Any of you out there with babies or little ones, this movie about vaccinations is for you.  Even you average agers, how many of you got the flu shot?  I know I’ve gotten them before…we were pumped with heavy metals and who knows what else.  It’s time to stop being complacent and doing things because the FDA or CDC tell us to without being fully informed.



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