From, “I’m not crazy, I have Lyme Disease”

This was taken from “I’m not crazy I have Lyme Disease” Facebook post.  She is explaining what to do if you have Lyme Disease.  Number 1 was get tested with IGenex (

Now for Part <2>…..see post <1> from a couple days ago……
….So, now that you have completed step<1> Find a LLMD, All you have to do is see them a couple of times in person, then the rest is done from Phone consults..This covers any Liability for them..And, as you will see in this context, that the LLMD wont have to be the “Prescriber” They Will Be the “Mentor”…<<<Very Important to take Note of Every Word I’m writing…..
So now Take the Positive (meaning if just the 41kDa band is+) BUT, with the “method” in step<1> Don’t be shocked to see CDC Positive ;-)…that’s the true goal and Best Ammo !!! So Take the Igenex Results and Make Copies, First and Foremost, Then Prepare for what you will say when you go to your current and or past doctor (PcP), who has told you your crazy basically by not treating or just dismissing your Symptoms*<<< Key Word*….SO, you bring your results to your doctor (PcP),and Hand it to them and let them look at it, Then, tell him/her, “Why Didn’t you consider Lyme Disease, Even when I mentioned It, This Disease, as you are Not aware of, Is Supposed to be Treated Based Upon Symptoms !!! And For it Be Considered as a Possible Diagnosis…Not Solely Based on Test Results !!”……Then say,” I’m doing all this not just for Me, but for the Next Person who Walks in here who Has Lyme, so they will Get Treated and Not put through the Hell I have been through !”…..Then breath……and just look at the doctor…The Goal is for the doctor to, 1, pick his/her chin up off the floor, 2, realize they could be in some Big legal trouble…3, You now have them in the Palm of your hand…Which Means…Your Insurance will Pay for the Meds you need that He/She prescribes, Which is Backed up by the “Mentor”, Who will Be a Part of Your Team and your PcP will do as They say…… and now You tell your Doctor what to do !! And 99% of them will do it…You research and learn and then tell them what you need and it shall be done and covered by insurance 🙂

She’s suggesting to take the IGenex results to my primary care doctor to have her work with our LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) so that more of the treatment is covered my insurance.  I’m debating whether to take the IGenex test results to Jackson’s pediatrician and Misha’s and my family doctor.  I just don’t know what kind of support they’ll offer us.  If we do end up needing to be on antibiotics/herbs and supplements for an extended period of time, and insurance only covers antibiotics for a month, we will be paying A LOT for antibiotics out of pocket.  It would be nice to find a doctor who would work as a “team” with our LLMD.  We shall see. First step is to get those IGenex test results.  Monday can’t come soon enough (for Jackson’s results).  I don’t know how Misha and I are going to wait until April 2 for our results.  Playing the waiting game is horrible!

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