Scared of Nature?

Since I don’t have anything new to report on Jackson, (probably won’t until Monday) I’m going to let you in on how I’m feeling about nature.  Intimidated!  It’s such a horrible feeling to fear certain parts of the outdoors.  As I was running with Jackson this morning, I found myself dodging outlying grasses and weeds and eyeing the squirrels, wondering if they were harboring any ticks.

Looking at our neighbor’s unkempt yard, knowing our cats roam there freely during the day, I wonder now if the cats (and dogs) are bringing in unwanted guests.  Ticks really don’t walk much.  I read somewhere they may walk up to 12 feet in their lifetime.  Their mode of travel is by animals…deer, birds, mice, squirrels, even our own pets, making their way possibly even into our houses.  We of course arm our dogs and cats with anti-flea and tick medication, but that doesn’t stop pets from being a tick’s mode of transportation.

This video is a little slow and dull, but I connected with it in the sense that nature for me has changed.  When Sophie and Jackson go outdoors, to the park, hiking, summer camps, in the forefront of my mind is, are they safe?  To my primary care doctor, no, Lyme is not an East Coast thing. A friend recently report to me that she found a tick lodged into her daughter’s armpit after hiking in Rancho San Antionio in Los Altos.

Nature is never going to be the same for me.  It scares me that many people out there don’t know anything about ticks and Lyme Disease. Not only does Lyme take a toll on one’s body and mind, but costs thousands and thousands to treat.

My guard is now up, and when I am outdoors, I’ll be fully loaded with repellent.  It’s so sad to me that my perspective has changed, but I’d rather be safe and healthy than sick.


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