I did it!

Misha has some errands to run, so he won’t be home until at least 7:30pm, and Jackson didn’t have a nap today, so he’s exhausted, so I was on my own to give Jackson his nightly meds.  We do give Jackson most of his meds in the morning, but he still has his nightly routine.  I gave him his herb drops easily, then I used the plastic oral syringe for his anti-fungal and fish oil and lastly, I gave him his crushed pills yogurt.  Jackson is so good, and by now, knows it’s coming.  He didn’t fight me at all.  He took it like a champ.  It’s definitely easier with two people, but tonight was the first time I tried it by myself.  I did it!  It was possible only because Jackson is the amazing boy that he is.  These pills cannot taste good:(


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