Sister, Sophie

Sophie is such a great big sister.  She loves Jackson so, so much.  She understands that Jackson has therapy, needs to take his medicine, needs extra help to do simple things, and can’t communicate well.  She really does understand what’s going on.  We explain it to her honestly and simply.  Sophie knows Jackson so well.  She’s been around all the therapy, and knows how to communicate simply with Jackson .  She likes making him happy.  She’ll see Jackson wandering, get one of Jackson’s toys and say, “Jackson, want?”  If Sophie knows we’re leaving and I call for Jackson to come, Sophie will go over to Jackson, take his hand, and say, “come, Jackson.”  As far as a 4 1/2 year old goes, Sophie is very gentle with Jackson and helps in her loving way.  Sophie asked me the other day, “when Jackson is healthy, can we go to Disneyland?”  She gets it that Jackson is sick and we’re working to get him better.


Misha and I actually have to be careful about what we say around Sophie because the girl hears everything!  We think she’s watching TV, but really she perks her head up and joins our conversation.

I hope that Sophie’s early experience with Jackson teach her understanding, compassion and empathy.  She really is amazing with Jackson.

Sophie is sitting next to me while I write this right now, and she wants to add, “I love to play with you, Jackson.  I love you, Jackson.  Good luck, Jackson.”


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