Jackson is Sick

Yes, Jackson is sick with Lyme, parasites, mold, worms, heavy metals and more, but he’s got a little cold now.  He slept in until 8:20 this morning (usually wakes between 6-7am), hasn’t eaten much (and it’s 11:30am now) and every time he sneezes, a snot rocket shoots from is nose.  He is low energy, although he usually is.  Up until we found out about all the problems inside Jackson’s body, I would classify him as a healthy boy.  Like sister Sophie, Jackson has never gotten an ear infection, I can count the number of fevers  on one hand, and even these little colds are few and far between.  (Knock on wood!)  Jackson seems healthy, which confuses me because of his impaired immune system and all the horrible toxins, infections and blocked pathways in his body.

Since morning therapy was cancelled, I got on my running clothes, bundled up Jackson in the BOB stroller and we were off for a run to the park.  Jackson perked right up when we got to the park and immediately knew what he wanted to do first.  He is a swing boy.  He could stay in a swing forever.  Like when he is in the water, he is at peace in a swing, and many of his behaviors disappear.

We’re back home now, taking it easy.  I’m sure he’ll get over his cold soon, but for now, I’m on call as his snot wiper.


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