GFCF Cooking/Baking

To tell you the truth, I haven’t gotten into GFCF cooking/baking.  Cooking wasn’t on my list of fun things to do before GFCF and it’s not on my list now.  I’d rather spend my time researching Lyme Disease, checking out someone’s Lyme blog or looking into why we’re taking certain supplements/meds/herbs, rather than looking up GFCF recipes.  There are amazing GFCF websites, blogs and recipes out there, but it’s not high on my list.

We do have to eat, however, and no more easy take-out or frozen pizzas, so I am having to plan out meals.  Our freezer is stocked with organic chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, fish.  Our pantry is stocked with Quinoa, pasta (GFCF, of course), beans, chicken stock, and GFCF baking products.

Below to the left was our lunch yesterday. It began with a frozen bag of an Alexia (I think that’s the brand) potato/vegetable mix, then I added quinoa and shredded chicken.  With the seasonings and olive oil, it turned out quite tasty!

Below to the right is my baking this morning.  The GFCF frozen store-bought waffles are not appealing to Jackson, especially since he can’t have syrup or jelly on them.  There are a lot of good GFCF waffle mixes out there.  Even Bisquick has a Gluten Free mix, and if you use almond or coconut milk, voila, you’ve got GFCF pancakes or waffles!  I add cinnamon and vanilla to flavor them up a bit.  I freeze the waffles and pull them out to toast.


Below are Jackson’s favorite GFCF chicken nuggets.  They are great and tasty, the problem is that the only place I can find them is at the Food Co-Op in Davis.  So, my parents often make chicken nugget deliveries and when we’re in Davis, we always bring a cooler to haul some back to San Jose.  Whole Foods does have frozen GFCF chicken nuggets, and Jackson will eat those too, but the Applegate nuggets are by far his fave!

Last week, I think it was Friday, I didn’t feel like cooking.  Jackson was happy with his beans and hot dog, I made Sophie some regular (organic) mac and cheese, and I didn’t feel like thinking about food for myself.  I had gotten a small Amy’s GFCF pizza from Whole Foods, and I figured I’d give it a try.  After following the directions on the box, I opened the oven and this is what I saw:

The “cheese” never really melted.  The pizza wasn’t horrible…I ate two pieces, but it wasn’t good enough for me to ever buy it again.  I’d rather have real pizza to look forward to later than this fake stuff.  I made Misha try it when he got home, he took one bite and couldn’t eat any more.  Instead, he ate his burrito bowl from Chipotle.



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