Do We Really Have Lyme?

The answer is, I think so, but I suppose it’s not 100%.  What will really give us the answers is the results from the IGenex test.  We drew blood for it 3 weeks ago.  Jackson gets his results on March 26th, and Misha and I get our results on April 2nd.

Lyme, parasites, etc, did show up on Misha, Jackson and my Biofeedback tests on February 20th.  The biofeedback test is kind of unreal in itself, measuring the frequencies in the body, and able to report the toxins, food sensitivities, hormones, mold, etc in the body.  Do I believe it?  I guess…our doctor uses is with many of his patients.   Our doctor obviously takes the results of the biofeedback test seriously or he would have never began treating me and Misha without knowing our IGenex results.  Another reason I believe the biofeedback tests to be valid is the fact that Jackson got 7 other test results back (urine, blood, hair) and those test results matched up with the biofeedback test.

Is it possible that come March 26th and April 2nd, I post a shocker that Misha/Jackson/I DON’T have Lyme?  It’s possible.  I would be VERY surprised, but I suppose it’s possible.  Regardless of Jackson’s situation with Lyme, we have a lot of work to do on the inside of Jackson.  He’s got a host of other problems that will take time to fix even if for some miracle he doesn’t have Lyme.

Best case scenario would be that somehow, the biofeedback tests were wrong and we don’t actually have Lyme.  That way, Misha and I would be able to stop our treatment. But then I think, what about parasites?  I guess we’d need to take a parasite test?  Do those exist?  Another question for the doctor!

I’m going to stop guessing and play the waiting game.  Sorry about thisconfusing post.


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