Why “the diet?”

Today in Jackson’s playgroup, John reported to me that a parent had brought in St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes for everyone.  Since Jackson could not have one, he lunged over to grab someone else’s cupcake.  Oh boy, I knew this day…what’s going to happen when Jackson is in preschool and kids around him are eating cookies, candy, pizza, but even normal crackers like Wheat Thins?  If we were in Southern California, Jackson would go to Stan Kurtz’ preschool where GFCF and a safe healthy environment is a daily occurrence.  http://www.childrenscornerschool.com/ (Anyone want to start a preschool with me:)

All of our treatments so far have been fine.  We’re all taking our pills, herbs and supplements and going on with the day.  What really takes a lot of time, planning and money is the GFCFSF diet.  I can’t just run to Subway for a sandwich or go easily out to dinner without thinking if there will be something I (Jackson or Misha) can eat on the menu.

Some of you have asked why Lyme patients should follow the Gluten/Casein Free diet, and I said that was next on my list to research.  Well, I haven’t found much.  I have found that the best place to find out about Lyme Disease is from other people who have gone through it.  I have about 15 people’s blogs bookmarked and I follow them daily.  Why should I start from zero if others have already done the work for me?  One blog I really like is http://www.lymenaide.wordpress.com.  She has been through it all and actually just posted that she is completely symptom free and living her life free of Lyme.  The following information is from her blog:

I understand the problem is “leaky gut”. While I didn’t find a specific article about the diet and Lyme I found a lot of information about Autism and GFCF. The reason seems to be the same-”leaky gut”

We may not know all the reasons why the GFCF diet works today. What we do know is that children on the autistic spectrum, or with ND’s and chronic illness, often have abnormal reactions to certain foods including gluten and casein. Many of these individuals also suffer from some type of digestive or gastrointestinal (GI) issue and/or have symptoms of a leaky gut (contents leaking into the rest of the body) and mal-absorption (difficulty digesting nutrients).

Digestively, the body has more difficulty breaking down longer chains of molecules like gluten and casein. In a perfect world, the intestines produce enzymes to break down these chains into single sugars and amino acids. These sugars and amino acids are then absorbed directly but the leftovers are food for bacteria and fungus and can also leak through the gut and cause havoc in the body.

A person with a leaky gut has damaged villi and cell junctions inside the GI tract, leaving gaps in the intestinal wall. Growing evidence shows that these longer protein chains go through a permeable gut wall, enter the bloodstream and affect the brain where the protein chains attach themselves to opioid receptors in the brain causing a morphine-like or “foggy brain” effect.

The consumption of gluten and casein may contribute to the following reactions:

Clouded mental function
Impaired Social Connection
Blocking of pain messages
Dilated pupils
Craving the opioid effect like a drug addiction

There is additional information on the site, mostly as it pertains to autism-

Another good site with lots of resources for Gluten Free and Casein free information and products is-


4 thoughts on “Why “the diet?”

  1. You said: Anyone want to start a preschool with me:) and my answer is: I DEFINITELY DO!!! You know I would be the first one to get the first flight to Cali and start with this project! Not kidding at all! =]

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