Disheartening Doctor Visit

Wow.  I am in a little bit of shock right now after going to see my family doctor about my 6 day old sore throat.  They did a quick throat culture, and it’s not strep, so her plan is to wait it out (that is not what I’m shocked about…it’s just a sore throat, I can live with it).  I brought up with her all that has been going on in the past 3 weeks with our family and the Lyme diagnosis.  She has never heard of a DAN doctor, she has never heard of Lyme Induced Autism, she has never treated a Lyme patient.  Her first question to me was, ‘have you traveled on the East Coast?’  She told me the major symptoms of Lyme are heart conditions, stiff joints and arthritis.  She didn’t understand why a Lyme test done through Quest wouldn’t produce the same results with a test done through IGenex.  She thought the Lyme doctors were in it for other reasons since they wouldn’t take insurance.  I could go on and on about what she told me.

I asked her if she’d seen Under Our Skin.  No.  This doctor’s visit concluded for me that there really IS a Lyme divide in the medical community.  I thought I’d have her support and she’d be interested in hearing my story.  I came out of her office so disheartened.  She is a really nice woman like I said in an earlier post, and I have been happy with her as a doctor up til this point.  She did say she’d take a look at the IGenex test results when I get them on April 2nd.  She said she’d look at all of Jackson’s tests and run them by an Infectious Disease doctor.  I don’t know if it’s worth my trouble.  The next question I have for my Lyme support group is of any family doctors who are even remotely open to the possibility of Lyme treatment.  I just don’t know if those doctors exist.

I consider myself a reasonable person, and just don’t understand how the Lyme divide can be so two sided, with each side containing smart, well educated people (DOCTORS!).  Bottom line is, I want to treat what is wrong with my family.  When the last of these test results come in, we’ll have more information to move forward.  If it’s Lyme, great, wonderful (notice the sarcasm), let’s treat it.  It’s a crazy expensive journey without the support of our Medical/Insurance community, but if you don’t have your health, what do you have?


2 thoughts on “Disheartening Doctor Visit

  1. Oh Elaine, I’m sorry! We had to take P in to see his pediatrician a few weeks back and mentioned to him that we are seeing a DAN doctor and getting him tested for Lyme. He was very understanding and looks forward to hearing the results next week. What he will actually say if the results are positive, I don’t know. But I hope he will be supportive and willing to help guide the treatment. I love my doctor but don’t know how she’ll respond either. You are doing an amazing job!

    • I’ve been thinking about you and your family, Leslie…can’t wait for you to let me know what you find out. My doctor made me feel like everything I’m doing is a waste. Time to find a new doctor! Thanks for your vote of confidence:)

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