“The Diet”

I went to a Lyme Disease support group yesterday evening, and everyone said one thing in common.  The Gluten Free Casein Free Sugar Free (GFCFSF) diet is immensely important.  Our diet should revolve around lean, ORGANIC meats, vegetables, quinoa, millet, amaranth, rice, and some low glycemic fruits.  Dr. Steven Harris, a well known Lyme Literate Doctor in Redwood City says, “if it’s white, it ain’t right.”  Just because there are sugary GFCF products (cookies, donuts, cupcakes) out there doesn’t mean they are included in “the diet.”

Below to the left is my cart from Costco…completely different than my cart 3 weeks ago.  Organic is definitely more expensive.  With the meats (chicken/turkey/ground beef) you can purchase double if you do not buy organic.  For example, my 3 pack of Organic chicken breast was $19, whereas if I had gone with the regular non-organic, I could have gotten 6 packs for the same price.

Below to the right is a picture of my snack yesterday.  Goat yogurt.  Our doctor said that goat yogurt is ok to eat goat yogurt, and it’s tasty!  I prefer it over the coconut yogurt.  I’m not exactly sure why goat yogurt is ok, so it’s on my list of questions to ask him later this month when we see him again.


Cutting out the sugar for me is going fine.  I’m not going to say that it is easy passing by Easter candy at the grocery store, but I keep focused on what is needed to recover.  A friend I recently spoke to said to concentrate on what I CAN eat.  Feeding my  family whole, healthy, nutritious food feels good.  It takes much more time to prepare and is more expensive, but worth it!


2 thoughts on ““The Diet”

  1. I think that goat’s milk has less of certain caseins that are especially problematic.

    Have you checked out theclothesmakethegirl.com? She has a cookbook that is gluten and dairy free (and mostly sugar free) and may give you some new recipes when you run out of ideas.

    Good luck!

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