Jackson Update

I realized I’ve been posting a lot of Lyme info, and haven’t focused on Jackson for a bit.  He is doing so well at taking his meds.  He has to take 15 pills a day, and I try to get as many in him in the morning so that evenings can be more relaxed.  At first, I reported we were using crushing the pills, mixing them with liquid juice, and using the plastic oral syringe to shoot the liquid pills in his mouth.  This worked ok, but a lot of the pill was getting stuck in the syringe, so I wasn’t sure how much of the medicine he was actually getting.

Our routine now is to crush his pills into powder, mix with strawberry coconut yogurt, and spoon feed it to Jackson.  It can’t taste good, but Jackson takes it like a champ.  Misha holds Jackson’s hands down or Jackson would put up more of a fight.  I save his tiny bit of allowed fruit for right after his meds.  His liquid meds and herbs we just shoot into his mouth with the syringe.  Each time we finish giving Jackson his meds, I feel so accomplished, like I am one step closer to meeting his true self.

Jackson is still busy with his daily therapy routine with his awesome therapists.  He eats what he’s given on his Gluten Free Casein Free Sugar Free diet.  He is interested in playing games, singing songs and following Sophie.  Jackson seems a bit more aware of his environment and has started defiantly (in a cute way) shaking his head with a, “nononononono” if something isn’t appealing to him.

Jackson, you’re the best!


2 thoughts on “Jackson Update

  1. The words of the last paragraph of this post are the most important ones: Jackson is progressing and that’s the most important! Keep going guys, Jacks is the best little boy and you are the best family ever! =]

  2. When your child starts to say nooooo and whats to challege your authority, you must be doing something right! Keep up the good work and know you have a lot of friends out here thinking about you!!! xoxo

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