Interesting Lyme Facts

The following bullet points are interesting facts I pulled from Better Health Guy’s ( notes from the 2011 BioResource Conference he attended:

*Ticks are “nature’s dirty needle”.

*Transmission via pregnancy is well-known.  Blood transfusion, organ donation, and body fluids are other possible routes of transmission.  In one study on breast milk, 4 of 4 people had Borrelia in their breast milk.

*Dr. Burrascano considers a person to be “chronic” if they have had the condition over 1 year.

*”I don’t know of any sick Lyme patient that does not have coinfections if they have chronic Lyme”.  Coinfections are pretty much universal.  They “change the character of the disease much like mixing different colors results in a new color”.

*IGeneX is currently the best lab for tick-borne infections.

*Conventional medicine won’t clear chronic Lyme.  CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) won’t clear chronic Lyme.  We need both.

*Nearly every chronic Lyme patient needs IV antibiotics.

*You cannot “cure” Lyme disease in a chronic patient but it doesn’t matter.  Get the pathogens down and support the immune system.  The goal is not to get rid of every last Borrelia organism, but instead to get below the threshold such that the condition can be managed with clean living.

*”You are what the animal you eat eats.”

*Aspartame makes it very difficult to get rid of toxins and infections.

*Treating Lyme is like playing chess.  There is an opening, a middle game, and an end game.



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