Bye, Bye sugar, so long chocolate…for now:(

For any of you who know me well, I’m not into drinking beer or wine, eating cookies, potato chips fast food, nah.  My weakness is chocolate.  Before taking my year leave from Cupertino School District, all the teachers knew they could come to my classroom at any time to look through my chocolate drawer.  I’m not saying I was excessive, but I did crave a little bit after lunch and dinner.

“You guys are now Gluten Free, Casein Free and Sugar Free like Jackson,” said our doctor to Misha and I as we left his office a couple of weeks ago.  Leaving his office, I took the Gluten Free and Casein Free seriously, but Sugar Free?  Whole Foods makes delicious GFCF, vegan chocolate (seriously, it’s really good!).  I decided to cut back a little, but I still indulged.

I was reading another person’s blog going through Lyme Disease yesterday (pretty sure it was…I wish could quote her, but I can’t find her exact blog post about it).  She said that Lyme, like Cancer, feeds on sugar.  If you are feeding the disease, you are continuing the problem.  That was enough to scare the chocolate out of me.

Today will be my first day without sugar and chocolate (a little bit of fruit is ok).  As my mouth waters for chocolate, I’ll remind myself, “I’d rather be healthy, I’d rather be healthy, I’d rather be healthy.”  I know I can do it, no problem.  Let my chocolate detox begin!

Sophie now looks in our at-home-used-to-be-chocolate-drawer and stares at me puzzled.  Sugar (but mostly chocolate), so long, farewell.


2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye sugar, so long chocolate…for now:(

    • Thanks for your ‘help,’ John, but actually, Misha hasn’t gotten off the chocolate yet. Should I be mean and throw it all away? I don’t want to unleash the beast:/

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