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Since I posted a week or so ago about testing, I’ve learned a lot more.  If you or someone you know wants to get tested, the link below is key.  It lists the labs that would bring you the correct results rather than a false positive or negative.  The link below also gives 27 reasons why someone could have a false negative Lyme test.

I know I mentioned it before, but Better Health Guy, Scott Forsgren, ( has an amazingly informative website.  It seems as though he’s been through it all. Being bounced around by 45 doctors, he was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2005.  He has a section on his website devoted solely to testing.  Taken directly from his website:
My Recommendations

For Lyme Disease / Borrelia Testing:

  • Complete Lyme Panel 6050 from IGeneX which includes Western Blots, the Lyme IFA, and PCR.
  • Borrelia Culture from Advanced Laboratory Services was made available in late 2011.  This is the first commercially available culture for Borrelia and does not rely on the immune system for a positive test result.
  • CD57 from either IGeneX or LabCorp as another key indicator that may help provide more information as to whether or not Lyme disease may be a factor in one’s chronic illness.  A fantastic article on the test can be found here.
For Co-Infection Testing:
  • Complete Co-Infection Panel 5095 from IGeneX done which includes Babesia antibody and FISH testing, Ehrlichia antibody testing, and Bartonella antibody and FISH testing.
  • Lyme Panel and Babesia Panel add-on from Spiro Stat.
  • Co-Infection Profiles from Fry Labs.

I would also definitely do a good heavy metal urine challenge test, viral testing, and a good parasite test.  All too often, people focus too much on just the Lyme and in my opinion miss many of the other important things that are also going on.

I know for sure Misha, Jackson and I each did the IGeneX test ($725/test).  We get to go over Jackson’s IGeneX test on March 26th and Misha and I have our test result follow up on April 2nd.  I believe that is when we’ll begin our Lyme treatment?  I’m not completely sure though because I’ve been reading about Parasite treatment and it says that can last between 6 months to a year!

I’m trying to figure this all out as we journey down our recovery path.  As I discover new information, you’ll be the first to know!


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