Mold!?…and Tic Tacs:)

Another toxin that showed up in Misha, Jackson’s and my biofeedback test was mold.  Yuck!  Of course, Sophie remains our perfection of health…no mold in her!  The doctor immediately asked us about our living situation.  We’ve been in our Charlotte house for 3 years…it’s newly remodeled, hardwood floors, and definitely not a house that I would suspect mold as a culprit.  We had a mold inspection (another $1000) to make sure our environment was safe to live in.  I wasn’t home when he came, but Misha said he came with a handheld detector to look for mold and he took many samples inside and out to be sent to a lab for inspection.  Jackson’s carpet in his room came up perfectly clean.  However, the other 4 area carpets in our house (Sophie’s room, dining room, living room, play room) had traces of mold…enough for us to immediately roll them up take them to the dump.  The samples that had been analyzed came back clean…no other traces of mold in our house.  Thank goodness!  Misha also spent countless hours shoveling bark from our garden to be removed thinking that might be a possible breeding ground for mold.Thankfully, our house is safe.  Had the results come back that we had mold problems in our house, I would have been ready to get the heck out.

Learning all that we have these past two weeks, I realize that little else matters more than your health.  Sophie (4 1/2)sees us all taking our medicines and asks if she can take a pill too:(   We’ve had to talk with her in order to help her understand, we are taking medicine that the doctor gave us, and that once we are healthy again, we do not want to take anymore medicine.  Because she still insists on taking a pill, we have resorted to Orange Tic Tacs:)  When she sees us taking our meds or us giving Jackson his meds, she heads over to our kitchen drawer, opens the Tic Tacs, grabs her water bottle and takes her ‘medicine.’  I wish all kids could be as healthy as Sophie and take their daily Orange Tic Tac medicine and be done.

Jackson’s meds are still going fine.  Crushing the pills and mixing them with coconut yogurt seems to be working well!  No changes is behaviors yet.  I can’t wait for the day I get to report to you guys Jackson’s first word or other new advancements…that day is coming, stay tuned!


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