Wonderful Misha

I know this is my ldmommy blog, but I need to show Misha some love here too.  He’s been my partner through our ups and downs on this journey figuring out Jackson’s Autism.  Misha has been to all of Jackson’s meetings, doctor’s appointments, and middle of the night cry frenzies.  Misha is a wonderful, patient dad.  He is just as much part of Jackson’s recovery as anyone.

Misha was the one to take18 month old Jackson to his Early Start assessment and got the ball rolling on Jackson’s diagnosis.  Misha was the first to bring up the GFCF diet to which I immediately shot down and said no way.  Misha put the first Jenny McCarthy book on my Kindle.  I read in one of the many Autism books I read that 80% of marriages fail when taking care of a special needs child.  I am happy to report that Misha and I were never on the road to being part of that statistic.  Teamwork and communication are essential, and our love for Jackson trumps all.  I love you, Misha!


One thought on “Wonderful Misha

  1. Anyone who has the honor to know Misha wouldn’t expect less from him. As I told you before, you two are such great parents and the best team to go through any situation. Keep going and never give up guys cause you’re doing an amazing job! Lots of love from Barcelona =]

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