John is Jackson’s afternoon ABA therapist.  He was put on Jackson’s case a between 6 months and a year ago (I can’t remember!).  We had heard great things about him and were so happy that he’d get to work with Jackson.  John has a such a good, positive, natural way with Jackson.  He makes Jackson work, teaching him sign language, how to ask for things, how to use a fork/cup, among countless other things, while having fun!  He also knows what Jackson likes…squeezes, spins, tickles, etc.  I had such high hopes when John came into our house.  As the weeks and months passed and I didn’t see as much progress as I had hoped, I got worried.  If John (the best, most trained ABA therapist) couldn’t get through to Jackson, something else must be wrong…which led me to the DAN/Biomedical approach.

John asked me if he could write an article about Jackson and our family for the website, Be Cool. Be Postive. (

Here is a link to the article:

Not only is John a talented writer, but he also drew this of Jackson:

I consider this Jackson’s “before” picture.  John, you’d better be ready to draw an “after” picture of Jackson laughing, playing with you and saying, “I’m the man.” (inside joke)

John rounded up a team, including our morning therapist, to participate in the Autism Speaks Walk on May 19th.  He’s fundraising to raise money for Autism, so if you see a donation link on the blog, please support his team! (More information to come about the walk)

We really appreciate you, John!


2 thoughts on “John

  1. John came for the first time to your house while I was visiting you last August so he has been working with Jackson for 6 months (now you know when he started the therapy with Jackie!). I didn’t get the chance to know him like you do but just in the short time I was there I noticed he was such a great therapist. I’m glad you found someone like John! =]

  2. Thanks Elaine!! I really appreciate you’re kind words. You guys are by far the coolest family I’ve ever worked with 🙂

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