Lyme, Parasites, oh my!

Misha and I each had our own appointments with the doctor yesterday.  Let me just tell you, our doctor is so thorough.  He went through each of our histories and asked us the right questions to get to the bottom of our symptoms.  He had us each sit up on his medical table, performed several tests on us.   Try this on yourself if you have a second.  Stand up straight, and put one foot in front of the other like you’re walking a straight line on a balance beam.  Do that 10 feet with your eyes open.  Turn around and try the same thing with your eyes closed.  Try it…stand up!  I consider myself a pretty coordinated person, but the second I closed my eyes, and took my little steps, I stumbled and lost my balance.  I guess that is a sign of Lyme.  (Disclaimer: If you happen to not be able to do it, don’t automatically assume you have Lyme…you might just be uncoordinated:)

Something I learned from today is that you treat the symptoms of Lyme.  My Lyme Disease and Misha’s look very different.  Misha has a lot of physical symptoms, whereas I feel fantastic physically.  My main reason for wanting to get treated is that I don’t want to see myself regress over time (again, PLEASE SEE ‘Under Our Skin’).  He said since I hardly have any symptoms, my treatment will be quicker than Misha’s.

While at our visit, Misha and I each drew blood for testing.  Misha gave about 15 vials of blood and I gave 8.  Like Jackson, Misha and I are having our blood sent for the complete IGenex Lyme Test (a $725 test!  ouch!) which will give the doctor the exact information he needs to treat us.  We’ll start our Lyme treatment in a month when we have our follow up appointments.  In the meantime, Misha and I found out (from the biofeedback test last week) that we each have parasites in our body!  Fun stuff, I know!  How?  Why?  What?  I don’t know.  For all you sciencey people out there, the parasite names are: Blastocystis Hominis and Chlonorchis (and I have an extra little guy, Endolimax Nana)  I guess you can get them from sushi?  So while we wait for the Lyme test results to come back, we get to treat our parasite friends!  Here’s our treatment plans so far:

Hopefully by the time we go back for our next appointment in a month, our parasites will be gone and we can treat the Lyme full on.

Misha and I are on a GFCF and SUGAR FREE diet!  Goodbye cookies, candy, chocolate and eating out.  All I want is my health back!


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