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Swallowing Pills

I cannot wait for the day Jackson learns how to swallow pills!  I am probably turning him off of yogurt for life since I mix in crushed up pills:(  I found this cup online, the Oralflow Pill Swallowing Cup (  Even though Jackson can’t use it yet, I thought some of you out there with a little bit older kids might find it useful.  I remember I had trouble swallowing pills myself up until I was a teenager.  Hope this helps!

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1 in 88 diagnosed Autistic

I used to be a believer that early detection and early behavioral therapy are the keys to success. What about the fact that the insides of these kids are toxic?  I never hear the biomedical side of treatment in the news.  Jenny McCarthy was the first to lead me on the biomed journey.

Yes, early detection is good. Yes, behavioral therapy is good. Why is it that we do not include bloodwork in the autism diagnosis?  There is something physically wrong with the insides of these kids!  Early detection and behavioral therapy are not enough!  Treatment needs to be from the inside out.

Come on, doctors!  Get on it!  We need the medical community on board to figure out which kids can benefit from biomedical treatment to recover more kids and lower this 1 in 88 statistic.  What’s it going to take?

Dr. Kendal Stewart Seminar: MUST SEE!

Wow, these videos are golden!  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this doctor before!  Now that I have been through all this with Jackson, Dr. Stewart is spot on with what our DAN, LLMD doctor has been treating in Jackson.  I’m going to ask our doctor about the NeuroBiologix products mentioned,  Makes me think Autism is truly treatable!  (Can you count how many times he says, “do you understand, see what I’m saying, You following me?  🙂

My daily meds

Going from believing I was healthy, not taking any medicine (other than a multivitamin), this is quite a change for me.  Given the fact that Jackson is proven to be positive for Lyme and co infections, I’d say it’s a 99% chance that I have it all also.  The only explanation for the 1% chance that I am not infected would be that Jackson was bitten by a tick and only he is infected.  (But my biofeedback test, that has shown to be completely accurate for Jackson, showed the Lyme, co infections and parasites in my body.  Misha and I meet with the doctor on Monday morning, so we’ll finally have our answers.


Here are my daily meds.  I can’t say I’ve felt any changes yet, but this is for the parasites and to get my body ready for the Lyme treatment soon.  If this is what it takes to get the nasties out of my body, bring it!

All is well!

I’m trying for a post every day, but today, I can’t think of anything to post!  We’ve got a good schedule going.  My daily routine is usually pretty much the same: meds, therapy, shuttling around Sophie, more meds, grocery shopping, GFCFSF cooking, entertaining the kids, epsom salt baths and more meds.  My days are pretty monotonous, but every day that passes that we stick to our recovery plan is a day closer to getting Jackson back, so it’s all worth it!

Taking this year off has been amazing, giving me the precious gift of time to allow me to navigate the maze to figure out what was wrong with Jackson.  My parents have been amazingly supportive financially to make this year and Jackson’s treatments possible.  I am baffled at their generosity, and hope to pay it forward some day.

I am going back to teaching next year, though only 50% part time.  I miss teaching so, so much, and couldn’t stand to be away from the classroom another year, but I know Jackson’s recovery will still be  very time consuming, needing a lot of my attention.  I’ll have the best of both worlds next year!

Things couldn’t be better right now!  All is well!

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BYOSS: Bring Your Own Soy Sauce.  Dang it!  I had sushi about a week ago forgetting that a lot of sauces contain gluten as an ingredient.  We found this soy sauce yesterday at Safeway, and it is Gluten Free.  Looks like when Misha and I go out for sushi, I’ll be bringing the soy sauce along in my purse:)  Sushi seems to be one cuisine that is safe for us to eat, as long as it’s not fried.  The fried sushi is battered in a mixture containing gluten.

Unfortunately, Jackson won’t try sushi.  His go to foods are chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, chicken burrito bowls, chicken/rice soup, salmon, hamburger meat, steak, waffles, pancakes (GFCFSF of course), strawberries and bananas.  He’s the healthiest eating almost 3 year old I know!  If only we could get some more veggies in.


I just added the second picture because Jackson was playing with his tongue a lot today, as if he was discovering it for the first time.

Epsom Salt Baths

One of my questions for the doctor yesterday was whether we should start giving Jackson Epsom Salt baths.  As I have been scrolling through websites and blogs, I keep stumbling upon Epsom Salt baths.  He said, yes, definitely.  We are supposed to add 1 1/2 cups of Epsom Salt to a warm/hot bath for Jackson to soak in for 3o minutes every day.  Why?  University Google to the rescue!

Epsom salt is a way to draw toxins out of the body. Hot water draws toxins out of the body to the skin’s surface, and while the water cools it pulls toxins from the skin.  When magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) is absorbed through the skin in a bath, it helps to draw toxins from the body, reduce swelling and relax muscles.

As we kill off these parasites and toxins from Jackson’s body, he needs some way to get them out.  Of course, pooping them out is one way, but that’s not enough.  As adults, we can also sweat them out through exercise or in a sauna. says, “You may experience flu-like symptoms during the detoxification because your body is ridding itself of poisons.  Skin brushing can be very beneficial, because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification – along with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and colon.”

So far, I haven’t noticed any adverse reactions from Jackson detoxing, starting all his meds or starting the epsom salt baths.  We’re continuing on our recovery from Lyme Induced Autism!

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Jackson’s Test Results

In the back of my head, going into today’s appointment, I was thinking, “what if Jackson’s test results all come out negative, Jackson doesn’t have Lyme Disease, and this was all just a bad dream?”  Well, The results are in!  The Biofeedback test we did a month ago was seriously amazing, because it confirmed the sophisticated IGenex blood test.  Jackson has Lyme Disease and Co-infections.  However, now I fully understand the trickiness of diagnosing Lyme.  On the Western Blot portion of his IGenex results, only Bands 18 and 41 showed up positive.  I thought many more of the bands would turn out to be positive.  The reason is that the Lyme bugs don’t hang out in the blood…they can go anywhere, tissue, muscle, brain, joints.  Parts of Jackson’s test results did actually turn out negative, but enough came out positive that he indeed does have Lyme and co infections.  I didn’t know it, but the doctor also sent Jackson’s blood sample to Quest Diagnostics, the same lab that I’ve been reporting to often give false negatives.  It turns out even the Quest Diagnostics test reported Jackson positive for Borrelia Hermsii.  The final test results we got today were of Jackson’s Neurotransmitter.  All are elevated: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Glycine, GABA, Glutamate, Histamine and Creatinine.

The plan of attack now is to go after the parasites.  Misha and I have started our anti-parasite treatment, but all we’ve done so far with Jackson is reduce the yeast, fungus and get his methylation cycle going by adding the supplements.  We are continuing with all the herbs/supplements and meds and are now adding two new prescriptions: Albenza and Invermectin…the same two anti-parasitic prescriptions that I’m on.  We are also starting Jackson on a new herb Misha and I already take called A-BAB.  The other new ones are Bab 1, Digest Right and Bentonite.  We’ll do this anti-parasitic treatment for a month, and check back in with the doctor.  We also scheduled another Biofeedback appointment in May to see if we’ll have taken care of the parasite problem.  At our next appointment at the end of April, we will start the Lyme treatment to attack the Borrellia.

So far, we haven’t seen too many changes in Jackson.  I’m not sure if we will this month either with the anti-parasitic protocol, but hopefully sometime after we start treating the Lyme.  These test results confirmed the fact that Jackson has Lyme Disease, we have a lot of work to do in his recovery, but it IS treatable, and very soon, Jackson will be more present, speaking, playing and engaging.

Lyme Induced Autism!  That’s exactly what Jackson has.  How many other kids out there are trapped in the Autism diagnosis, going along with their day to day dead end therapies?  Jackson would have never improved with his therapy alone.  He in fact, would have deteriorated over time.  Had we not stumbled upon this DAN doctor, Jackson would have been trapped in his sick, toxic body, continuing his troubling behaviors, unable to communicate, stuck in his confusing world.  I am so thankful that our journey led us to our LLMD doctor and that we are now onto Jackson’s path to recover.  All of this is still so new to me, and I’m dying to hear Misha’s and my test results this next Monday.  I am baffled at who was bit by a tick and when.  One thing is clear, I passed Lyme, co infections, parasites and other toxins to Jackson gestationally and through breast milk.  Monday, I hope to get even more answers to possibly piece together this crazy, life-changing diagnosis of Lyme Disease.


The Greater Good Movie

I recorded the movie, The Greater Good,  As I stated on my earlier post, it was on Saturday on the Current channel.  I tried my best watching it today, though I was distracted by the kids running around, so I didn’t take notes as I promised.  When I get a chance this week, I’ll take a closer look and report back with key points.

It is so scary how much political power these pharmaceutical companies have over our trusted doctors.  Jackson just recently tested out the roof for toxic heavy metals.  Where on earth could he have gotten all of the mercury in his poor little body? (and believe me, I didn’t overload him on tuna fish)  Vaccines.  The vaccines that our pediatrician said would undoubtedly be safe as long as we followed the vaccination schedule.  Sophie obviously handled the same vaccines fine, but Jackson, with his compromised immune system, couldn’t handle the overload.  Each child is not the same, and with a child being diagnosed with Autism every 20 minutes, we can’t afford to wait for change.

I checked, and the movie is not available.  I believe the only way to watch it is to buy it off the website, or possibly Netflix?  Any of you out there with babies or little ones, this movie about vaccinations is for you.  Even you average agers, how many of you got the flu shot?  I know I’ve gotten them before…we were pumped with heavy metals and who knows what else.  It’s time to stop being complacent and doing things because the FDA or CDC tell us to without being fully informed.