Starting Meds Tuesday

I jumped the gun a little and misunderstood when we were to start the meds.  Until we are done with the Food Desensitization appointments, we are only to administer the B12 shots (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and the Digestive Drainage.  After Jackson’s two Desensitization appointments Monday, we’ll be clear to start the medications, herbs and supplements.

Misha and I discussed it and I’m stopping the Stanford Research study I was involved in.  I’m not one to quit something, and as much as I still want to go learn, I’d rather spend the 3 hours with my family.  Now that Jackson has the prognosis of recovery, I want to concentrate on him and continue my studies on Google University.  While on my Yahoo group for Autism/Lyme, someone posted a link that I thought was so interesting (get ready to read subtitles):

Treating Autism with antibiotics?  I know it’s not that simple, but there have got to be some advances coming besides relying solely on behavior therapies (which didn’t work for Jackson).  Jackson will be starting antibiotics at some point.  Our next appointment with the doctor (for Jackson) is March 26th, and I’m wondering if we’ll start them then.

Misha and I have our initial consultations/blood draw tomorrow.  I’m interested to know what the plan for us will be.  I’ll keep you all posted!


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