To the Doctor We Go

In a few minutes, Misha, Jackson and I are off to Los Altos to get Jackson’s blood drawn for the compete Lyme test.  Now that we know he has it, the doctor wants this test done, which will give us a lot more information about the Lyme in Jackson’s body.  Misha and I are also going to set up an appointment with him to begin our treatment (whatever that may be?).  I am going to ask how important it is for Misha and I to be GFCF.  I’ve been GFCF since Friday, and it’s going fine, but it takes a lot of planning.

I went to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a few things on my list, but I turned out to be there for an hour and a half scouring the shelves for alternative GFCF foods.  There are a ton of Wheat Free/Dairy Free foods out there.  Here are some of the bars I found:

I had to get the chocolate chips.  Anyone who knows me knows my chocolate obsession.  I think my favorite discovery yesterday was GFCF mayonnaise.  My parents came on Saturday to visit, and I really wanted to make us tuna fish sandwiches, but then remembered I cannot have mayonnaise.  Check out my lunch plan today:

I’m going to try to get Jackson to eat the tuna fish also…I’ll keep you posted!


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