My Little Trooper

Jackson is the best, period.  He goes with the flow and takes each moment as they come, and I love that about him.  Our day began by going to the doctor.  He drew the blood with an assistant nurse while Misha and another nurse held Jackson down.  I had the most important job of holding the iPhone showing his favorite movie, the Little Mermaid.  Our doctor had to poke Jackson twice to get 4 large viles of blood. Jackson is my little trooper.

While at at the office, Misha and I scheduled our initial consultation appointments to discuss out action plan.  We’re going this Thursday, each for an hour long appointment and blood draw.  Though expensive, we want to make sure we are as healthy as possible to be the best parents and to keep our family strong.

Jackson usually naps 2 hours in the afternoon, but my little trooper kept on trucking along for his next appointment in Los Altos.  Food Desensitization.  I’m still trying to figure out how it all works.  Below is the machine that was able to give me a print out of all of the foods, supplements and environments that Jackson is sensitive to.  Quite amazing.  Ask me how it works, and I still wouldn’t be able to tell you, but it is FDA approved, and the results will help Jackson be able to absorb all the new medicines, supplements and herbs that he will be taking.

I snuck a picture of it.  I had my hand on the blue/silver thing, Jackson was on my lap, and I had my hand on his back.  With me as the surrogate, the computer was able to read Jackson’s sensitivities.  We go back tomorrow, and twice next Monday.  Then, Jackson should fully be ready to take and absorb all the meds we’ve got for him.  I just started this book recommended.  Maybe after I read it, I’ll be able to explain it better.

Does that mean Jackson doesn’t have to be GFCF?  Nope, he still has to be on it.  Actually, our doctor said it’s very important that Misha and I also follow it.  The journey continues.


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