I have a plan!

Yesterday was a little stressful thinking of how to get this list of meds into Jackson’s body.  Today, I met my new best friend: a plastic syringe!

Misha gave Jackson his B12 shot in his tush this morning.  Jackson took it like the champ that he is and didn’t complain.   The doctor said to start one new med at a time, so this morning, I gave him Lyposomal Glutathione:

It’s actually just a 1/4 teaspoon clear gel liquid (kept in the refrigerator), but we mixed it with some of our morning green juice and syringed it into his mouth.  It was a 2 person job…Misha held him and I squirted.  He didn’t exactly like it, but it was over in 5 seconds, so it wasn’t bad!  This syringe is going to be my best friend!

We also gave him Nyastatin (an anti-fungal).  Our doctor said Jackson will be on this for a while.

He took this like a champ!  By next week, we’ll hopefully be up to Jackson taking all his meds and getting into the syringe routine.


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