First Attempt at Medication


Here is Jackson’s stash of medications, supplements and herbs.  We’re treating the viruses, parasites, yeast and worms first and then moving in on the Lyme (hopefully in 5 weeks).

Today, I tried giving Jackson Citramin.  It doesn’t say what it’s for on the bottle, but if the doctor says to do it, I’m in.

I’m supposed to give one pill a day.  These are big ol’ pills.  I broke open the capsule, hollowed out 2 pieces of banana and one strawberry and divided up the powder.  Jackson was really hungry after waking up from his nap at 3pm.  He hadn’t eaten anything since 9:15am.  He immediately went for a banana, ate it, then looked at me.  He knew something was in there and he didn’t eat the other piece of banana or strawberry.  I didn’t want to shove it in his mouth because I don’t want him to be scared of food.  I left it on his tray the rest of the night and he didn’t touch it.  I’ll be trying again tomorrow!

I’m realizing Jackson will not be eating much non-medicated food anymore.  With all the pills and gels and drops I need to get into his body, every bite he takes is going to have to count.

Stay tuned for tomorrow…Misha and I will give him his first B12 shot.  I’ve heard great things about these shots, that they give you an instant energy.  I kind of want to steal one from him to try it myself:)

Please, please, please…any ideas on how to get Jackson to eat/swallow pills, let me know.  I need all the tricks I can get.  I really wish everything came in the form of a shot.  Life would be so much easier.  But, it is what it is, and I will figure it out for the good of Jackson!


4 thoughts on “First Attempt at Medication

  1. I wish I had some great ideas for you. It’s hard because whatever you hide the medication in, if he doesn’t like it then he will start not eating much of anything. This is so tough. I’m sure there is someone out there with some good ideas. I will check with some of my other friends. You are doing such a great job with all this. Jackson is very lucky.

  2. Smoothies!!! He can’t have cows milk or yogurt but can he have goats milk and yogurt? Just to bulk up a yummy fruit smoothie? We figured out hiding M’s antibiotics in an orange dream machine at Jamba worked everytime so we make our own at home with orange sherbet, yogurt and organe juice. Good luck and thanks for updating us with your posts. We are thinking about you!

    • I wish! Jackson literally doesn’t drink ANYTHING but water. What I’m thinking is making a smoothie or juice, mixing in what he needs to take, and putting it into an oral syringe and just shooting it into his mouth. He won’t like it, but at least it won’t taste as bad, it will be quick, and we don’t have to mess with his food. Thanks for the tips! I hope eventually, Jackson will take to more foods and even smoothies. I think the hardest part is now…once I get the hang of it, it’ll get easier.

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