Working the System?


As we left the doctor’s office on Wednesday, I asked him what to do about what to do about Jackson’s therapy.  He said, with a smirk, Jackson’s diagnosis is Autism.  He added that Jackson should be stimulated and continue with his therapy schedule.  The Regional Center diagnosed him and offered us all these services, and we are going to continue to use them.  Part of me feels like we’re working the system and using services not meant for us, but we have a team of amazing therapists that I would hate to part with.  We’ve been through a handful of therapists that didn’t work out, and finally have the Dream Team.  They engage Jackson and teach him things in ways that I would have never thought.   I’m going to keep this little secret of ours from the Regional Center since Jackson still does benefit from the fantastic therapy delivered by knowledgeable therapists.


5 thoughts on “Working the System?

  1. While you have a new diagnosis for Jackson, they have not “taken back” the previous diagnosis for Autism. I don’t think it’s working the system, you are doing what’s best for your child!

  2. As far as I know, autism is diagnosed when a child shows a certain number of distinct social and communicative behaviors. As long as Jackson still demonstrates these behaviors, he should still qualify for all of his services. It shouldn’t matter what the “cause” of the behaviors is. I don’t think that you are working the system at all!!!

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