Elaine and Misha

Yes, Misha and I have Lyme Disease.  I’m not going to speak for Misha in any of these posts, but I’ll give you my perspectives.  How? When? Where? Seriously?  My head has been spinning.  The facts:  Sophie does NOT have Lyme Disease.  Jackson DOES have Lyme Disease.  Either Misha or I got bit by a tick or a mosquito or a flea?  It would have had to have been after Sophie was born, after I was done nursing her.  Misha and I thought and thought, and we may have hiked the Los Gatos Creek Trail once or twice with Sophie as a baby, but we never went camping or anything too outdoorsy between having Sophie and Jackson.  I found out that Lyme can be passed sexually, so it may have been that a tick only bit one of us and we passed it to each other and, in turn, passed it to Jackson.

Something I learned today is that it can be passed through saliva also…it’s definitely not as likely, but possible.  This means us sickos can no longer share drinks or food with Sophie.  I want to keep our little girl the perfection of health that she is.

Did I in a million years think I had Lyme Disease?  Heck no!  I run 1/2 marathons, play soccer weekly, work out almost every day, teach crazy 7 year olds, run after my little ones, keep the house running.  Do I get tired?  Of course!  Days are busy, never a dull moment!  Do I get forgetful?  Sometimes.  Do I zone out and get a foggy brain sometimes?  Sure.  I thought that was just life.  I’ve never had the typical bullseye rash or any rashes, for that matter.  Were it not for Jackson getting tested, Misha and I would’ve gone about our lives for who knows how long without knowing a thing.

I went back today to where we did Jackson’s biofeedback testing for my own biofeedback test.  It’s what detected our Lyme and provided feedback about what’s going on inside our bodies.  Turns out I have 3 parasites inside me clinging to the Lyme.  What does that mean?  I have no idea.  I was thinking I would wait on my treatment for Lyme until we get Jackson on his way, but the thought of toxic, foreign, yucky things in me gives me the creeps.  When we take Jackson to the doctor on Monday to draw blood for an additional, more in-depth Lyme test, Misha and I are going to make an appointment for ourselves to begin our treatment.  These doctor’s visits are not cheap and not covered by insurance.  When it comes to health, it’s money well spent.

The biofeedback test also looked at my nutritional sensitivities, and like Jackson, I will be starting the Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet tomorrow.  LIke I said, I don’t feel bad at all (maybe a little tired at times), but I want to give the diet a try to see how it makes me feel.  This is the kind of diet that is all or nothing.  Either I follow it strictly, or not bother at all.  No milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, wheat crackers, bread, pasta, pizza, fried foods.  There are so many alternatives out there that I don’t think I’ll feel deprived.  I did the diet with Jackson the first few days he did it back in December, and it’s completely doable.  Jackson’s been doing it now for two months, and if he can do it, I can.  I’ll REALLY miss my chocolate, but there are a couple of brands that are GFCF, so I can still get my fix.

Like Jenny McCarthy said, Google University is what she used to study Autism for her son, Evan.  I’m off to Google University to begin understanding Lyme Disease.


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