Brain Fart

At the Autsim support groups I’ve been to, I love how they remind me to laugh, even if it’s at yourself.  Keep in mind, all this information has unraveled in the last 3 days, so my mind is racing. I’m trying to get all Jackson’s medications organized, figure out how to hide everything in food/drinks, look up information about Lyme Disease, and keep up with Jackson’s therapy.

Jackson had therapy with his awesome therapist Mimi (hi Mimi!) from 8-10 this morning.  I got Jackson’s snack all packed, and took him to his Friday play group with his awesome therapist, John (hi John!) from 10:30-12:30.  With his playgroup, I just drop Jackson off and come back to pick him up, so I had my list of errands ready for my 2 hour break.

My first stop was Santana Row to go to the Container Store to get a box to hold all of Jackson’s medications, supplements and vitamins.  I got what I needed, and headed back to the car.  Wait, where’s my car?  I swear, I parked on the 2nd floor of the Winchester lot.  All common sense left me and I immediately called Misha.  I was sure our car was stolen.  Great, just what I needed!  Misha called On Star for me to locate our car.  While On Star was working to locate the car, Misha was talking to me…did you park in a No Parking Zone?  No.  Are you sure you parked on the 2nd floor?  Uh Oh.  I retraced my steps.  I took the Winchester ramp up to the garage…..which takes you to….the….3rd floor!  With Misha on the line, I ran up the set of stairs to the 3rd floor.  Deep breath, there’s the Chevy Volt.  I ran the rest of my errands and picked up Jackson right on time.

Is it the Lyme that impaired my reasoning or does everyone have moments like this?  I’m ready for life to slow down a little.


3 thoughts on “Brain Fart

  1. Are you kidding, Elaine! I forget where I parked my car when I leave Safeway!! Give yourself a break! But I think I want that On Star thingy! I blame it all on my getting older! xoxo Love this blog!

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