Lyme Disease, Not Autism?!?! What?!?

Thank the heavens that the DAN doctor I stumbled upon happened to be experienced with Lyme Disease.  The biofeedback test performed on Jackson two days ago stopped me dead in my tracks…JACKSON HAS LYME DISEASE!  Are you kidding me?  All these months of researching the mysterious world of Autism and Jackson has Lyme Disease??  Either Jackson was bitten by a tick (not probable) or Misha or I transmitted it to Jackson.  Our next step: Misha, Sophie and I needed to be tested for Lyme Disease also.  Please, heavens above, don’t let Sophie have Lyme Disease, please, please, please.  My prayers were answered, Sophie does not have Lyme Disease.  Misha and I, on the other hand, not so lucky.  We’ve got it.  We don’t know when or how, and are as confused as ever, (a tick? a mosquito? from hiking?) but we have it, and Jackson has it, and we’re moving forward.

The slew of other tests we sent in for Jackson confirmed the results from the biofeedback test…not only does Jackson have Lyme disease, but he has active viruses, parasites, yeast overgrowth and worms in his body.  The Lyme Disease, viruses, parasites and worms have invaded Jackson’s body, so no wonder he’s not able to learn, speak or communicate.  His poor little body is working so hard, harboring horrible predators.  Our Lyme Literate Doctor (LLMD) then devised a care plan for Jackson.  Since attacking everything at once just isn’t possible, he advised to first treat the viruses, parasites and worms, then come back in 5 weeks to see if Jackson is responding well and to get going on the Lyme.  Jackson also has to do a full Lyme Disease.  Honestly, I know nothing about Lyme Disease, but you’d better believe my research will begin tonight.

Once I figure out how to post pictures on the blog, I’ll show you all the medicines Jackson has to begin taking.  They includes B12 shots 3 days a week.  One of my biggest worries (but believe me, I’ll find a way!) is how to get him to take everything.  Crush up the pills, mix it in his coconut milk yogurt, mix the oils into his water?  I’m going to have to get creative.  My occupation for the next few years is going to be nurse.

The happiest news the doctorl shared with us as we left is that within 2 years, we will have our son back, virus-free, parasite-free, lyme disease-free, healthy and thriving.  Nothing excites me more to think of Jackson saying “mommy,” running up to give me a hug, arguing with Sophie about which movie to watch, telling me to push him higher on the swing and telling me he loves me.  Those days are coming, and it brings tears to my eyes to think about my healthy boy coming out of his toxic body.

My goal is to continue a daily blog post, documenting challenges, triumphs, setbacks and firsts.  So much is going to happen with Jackson in the next couple of months, and I want to be able to share it with all of you.  I also want to educate the Autism community since symptoms of Autism and Lyme Disease cross paths.  I believe Lyme Disease is under diagnosed and many kids suffering from Autism actually could have Lyme Disease.  Believe me, I plan to go to my Autism support groups and tell them everything I have learned this past week.  I have a lot to learn, and I hope to share it with you along the way:)


15 thoughts on “Lyme Disease, Not Autism?!?! What?!?

  1. Omg Elaine, Marc and I just read your blog posts and are on the verge or crying! Circumstances are crazy, but that’s so awesome!!!!!! Jackie boy can now begin to heal! I believe a celebration Is in store! We’re so happy for you guys!

  2. Wow. I am so happy for you and Micha and Sophie. What a miracle this will be. Persistence will pay off and it is so inspirational to hear this story. My thoughts are with you during this difficult journey. Love you all!

    • Thanks, Max! Love you too! Nothing makes me happier than seeing healthy, thriving kids like Mia. I am so thankful we finally have a direction with Jackson. I was so tired of dead ends.

  3. What a shock it must have been to receive that diagnosis. Unfortunately, we don’t hear enough about Lyme Disease to properly protect ourselves and our children. Until recently, I thought it was a problem only in a small area of the east coast and didn’t affect us here in California. Since having two friends diagnosed with Lyme I have become more aware that it is a pervasive problem and often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Did I understand correctly–you and your husband both have Lyme as well? I was under the impression that it cannot be transmitted person to person, but clearly–we do not know enough about Lyme Disease. You had charted an aggressive path to help your child with Autism; you will be a tremendous warrior against Lyme Disease!

    • Thank you for your kind words! If I can help other kids stuck with an Autism diagnosis, it would be the greatest feeling. I’m learning that Lyme Disease is a huge problem, even epidemic. This is my first week paying any attention to Lyme Disease. I can’t wait to learn more.

  4. This is an amazing and very happy outcome for you and your family. Like you, I’m very religious, but I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers! xoxo

  5. OMG. I don’t know what to say but thank god you found put. My prayers are with you and your family. I am going to try and get you in contact with a friend that has been battlin Lyme disease. I hope you and misha do not develop symptoms and jacksons treatment goes well. Please please let me know if I can do anything. Much love and prayers

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